PANGLAO Linen Cushion 70×35 – Khaki


Horizontal decorative cushion made of 100% linen with handsewn galuchat in beige

Optional cruelty-free duck feather filling

Colours: Khaki linen and beige galuchat leather

Handsewn in Spain


Length: 70cm
Width: 35cm


100% Linen Spain
Galuchat (Shagreen) Philippines
Cruelty-free duck feather filling Spain


Our highly decorative Shagreen Cushion features 3 embroidered galuchat plates entirely handcrafted by skilled artisans.

The know-how required for the selection, natural tainting and cutting of galuchat is age-old, immense and unique.

This leather of fish, halfway between the leather and the mineral, is extremely resistant and its multiple scales with changing reflections will capture and reflect the light of a thousand lights.

Our stingrays (of the group Dasyatis sephen) are neither endangered nor threatened, they are fished commercially as a primary food source and are found in abundance in the warm waters of the Pacific.

The galuchat skin used to craft these elegant pieces is bought directly from Phillipinan fishermen, who would ordinarily dispose of it after the sale of the fish at the local markets.

Our 100% Spanish linen is a rich heavyweight fabric that has been naturally dyed, respectful of the environment.

Optional cruelty-free duck feather filling available for a luxurious finish and the ultimate in warmth and comfort.

Because each cushion is made by hand, each piece is unique and may vary slightly in shape and colour.


Dry clean only

Ensure that your local dry-cleaner protects the galuchat plates handsewn to this cushion