KAVANAGH Rustic Silk Cushion 50×50 – Beige


Rectangular decorative cushion made of a patchwork of two different handloomed rustic silks and satin

Optional cruelty-free duck feather filling

Colours: Off white and beige

Handmade in Spain


Length: 50cm
Width: 50cm


Handloomed rustic silk India
Silk satin Spain
Cruelty-free duck feather filling Spain


Our highly decorative KAVANAGH Cushion is handmade of two pure rustic silks and satin.

The patchwork featured in this cushion is inspired by a famed skyscraper, The Kavanagh, located in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Designed in the early 30s by prominent Argentinean architects, it is considered a pinnacle of modernist architecture.

The mix of sophisticated rustic silks and satin is a perfect organic, yet sophisticated addition to your sofa or bed.

At Studio Erhart, we strive to work in a sustainable and fair manner, respectful of the environment and of the heritage and traditions our artisans represent.

Optional cruelty-free duck feather filling available for a luxurious finish and the ultimate in warmth and comfort.

Because each cushion is made by hand, each piece is unique and may vary slightly in shape and colour.


Dry clean only