SEVILLA Linen cushion 70×35 – Grey


Horizontal decorative cushion made of 100% linen with traditional Spanish braiding

Optional cruelty-free duck feather filling

Handsewn in Spain


Length: 70cm
Width: 35cm


100% Linen Spain
Traditional Spanish braiding Spain
Pure silk Spain
Cruelty-free duck feather filling Spain


This highly decorative cushion features 3 traditional Spanish braiding motives (alamares) handsewn to a cushion entirely made of 100% linen.

The braiding motives at the centre of this cushion are handcrafted by a family-owned company that is devoted, since the 19th century, to the art of making torero costumes and other traditional Spanish clothing.

The elaborated design of each braiding motive is a reflection of tradition, culture and Spanish heritage.

Our 100% Spanish linen is a rich heavyweight fabric that has been naturally dyed, respectful of the environment.

Optional cruelty-free duck feather filling available for a luxurious finish and the ultimate in warmth and comfort.

Because each cushion is made by hand, each piece is unique and may vary slightly in shape and colour.


Dry clean only.

Ensure that your local dry-cleaner protects the braiding handsewn to this cushion.