PABLO Pure Linen Shopping Bag

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Our eco-friendly Pablo Pure Linen Shopping Bag is handsewn from pure European linen and features a motif inspired by Pablo Picasso’s drawings.

It is the ideal reusable grocery bag or travel bag

The Pablo Pure Linen Shopping Bag features 4 interior pockets for the most comfortable shopping experience

Handsewn from pure European linen


Length: 45cm
Width: 16cm
Height (including handles): 59cm


Pure Linen Poland
"Visage de la Paix" embroidery Spain


Our PABLO Pure Linen Shopping Bag is handmade from pure stonewashed European linen. Stylish and extremely sturdy, this linen bag is perfect for your everyday essentials and serves as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags.

This wonderful pure linen shopping bag is easily foldable and makes for the perfect grocery bag, shopping bag or travel bag.

Each shopping bag features an an embroidered motif inspired by Pablo Picasso’s “Visage de la Paix”, a series of drawings made by the artist in the early 50s.

Our 100% pure linen is an extremely durable fabric, meaning that this shopping bag will endure the test of time. Linen is the most durable natural fabric in the world and, as long as it’s cared for correctly, it can last years on end.

This is an artisanal product, made of unique linen yarns and produced in small quantities. Thus, slight variations in size and colour are possible.


Made from the fibres of the flax plant, linen has been cultivated and used as a textile for thousands of years, long before the existence of dry cleaners or detergents. In fact, it is such a natural, simple fabric that caring for it is simple too.

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