PAMPA Candlestick – Large

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Make candle illumination the focus of your room or dinner table with our Pampa Horn Candlesticks, entirely made of natural horn bangles

Size: Large

Handmade in Spain


Base Diameter: 12.5cm
Height: 40cm (without candle)
Net weight: 1.5kg


Cow and Buffalo horn India
Silver iron cast base Spain


Our Pampa Horn Candlestick features 7 “stacks” entirely handcrafted from buffalo and cow horn, varying in size, thus providing this candlestick with movement.

Each horn “stack” is polished by experienced artisans in India to bring the natural sheen to the surface and highlight the beautiful varied hues of the horn.

Horn is a refined material which shows its infinite shades only after an intricate production cycle requiring specific technical skills, treasured by expert craftsmen.

Our horn is ethically sourced from renewable resources, often recycling a “waste” product from other industries.

Our Pampa Horn Candlesticks make an incredibly strong statement when shown as a pair on a table or console.

Candle not included. We recommend using a 6-8cm diameter and 15-20cm height candle.

Because each horn candlestick is made by hand, each piece is unique and may vary slightly in shape and colour.

Two sizes available: Small (height 30cm) and Large (height 40cm).


Horn is a natural, organic substance that has been living and growing for many years.

By following a few simple guidelines, you can keep your Pampa Horn Candlesticks looking as shimmering and glossy as the first day.

  • To clean your Pampa Horn Candlesticks, rub gently with a moistened soft cloth and towel dry immediately.
  • Do not use soap.
  • For additional shine, use a soft cloth sprinkled with a little vegetable oil and wipe over the horn bangles.
  • Do not display horn or shagreen in direct sunlight, near heat, air-conditioning units, or near windows.