SEVILLA Baby Alpaca Throw

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Beautifully soft 100% baby alpaca throw with one leather embroidery trimming

Handmade in Spain


130cm x 180cm


100% Baby Alpaca Peru
Spanish leather braiding Spain


A beautifully soft throw from 100% baby alpaca with a delicate embroidered leather trimming.

The elaborated design of the leather braiding is a reflection of tradition, culture and Spanish heritage.

Our 100% Baby Alpaca is sourced directly from its origin, in Peru, where these camelids are raised and cared for by local farmers in the Andes.

Drape our Baby Alpaca Throw over a sofa or bed and bring some instant style to your interior.

Because each Baby Alpaca Throw is made by hand, each piece is unique and may vary slightly in shape and colour.


Dry clean only