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We know the right lighting is of the essence

 Make the most of your decorative potential with our table lamps and candlesticks, designed to elevate your interior and crafted to last forever

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Erhart Collection
Erhart Collection
DIEGO Plaster Lamp - WhiteDIEGO Plaster Lamp - White
DIEGO Plaster Lamp - White Sale price$567.00
DIEGO Plaster Lamp - BlackDIEGO Plaster Lamp - Black
DIEGO Plaster Lamp - Black Sale price$567.00
DIEGO Plaster Lamp - Klein© blueDIEGO Plaster Lamp - Klein© blue
PAMPA Table Lamp - DarkPAMPA Table Lamp - Dark
PAMPA Table Lamp - Dark Sale price$476.00
PAMPA Table Lamp - LightPAMPA Table Lamp - Light
PAMPA Table Lamp - Light Sale price$476.00
PAMPA Table Lamp - BlackPAMPA Table Lamp - Black
PAMPA Table Lamp - Black Sale price$476.00
DIEGO Plaster Lamp - BronzeDIEGO Plaster Lamp - Bronze
DIEGO Plaster Lamp - Bronze Sale price$567.00
PAMPA Candlestick - LargePAMPA Candlestick - Large
PAMPA Candlestick - Large Sale price$311.00
PAMPA Candlestick - SmallPAMPA Candlestick - Small
PAMPA Candlestick - Small Sale price$266.00
PAMPA Candlestick Black - LargePAMPA Candlestick Black - Large
PAMPA Candlestick Black - SmallPAMPA Candlestick Black - Small
PAMPA Table Lamp - WhitePAMPA Table Lamp - White
PAMPA Table Lamp - White Sale price$567.00