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Article: The Art of Arranging Cushions

The Art of Arranging Cushions

The Art of Arranging Cushions

Cushions are celebrated by all interior designers as the perfect finishing touch, but there’s an art to arranging cushions to ensure they do their job

Follow these tips from interior designer and Studio Erhart co-founder Federica Palacios, for a perfect cushions’ arrangement

Tip nº1: Mixing

Experiment with varying shape formats, such as squares or rectangles, playing with different dimensions

An assorted arrangement will create a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere

Tip nº2: Contrast

Use a mix of textures to bring depth and character to a more boring arrangement.

Team thicker fabrics with cottons and linens – the contrast will create a warm effect that works throughout the seasons.

Here we have mixed heavyweight linen with handmade traditional Spanish ornaments and pure silk

Tip nº3: Matching

Get inspired by what’s already in the room: whether a particular colour scheme, a striking pattern or similar textures

The trick is to do it subtly (like the red pop in the picture), so your arrangement casually complements a scheme

Rather than appearing as if every detail has been scrupulously matched, be understated.

See how this khaki cushion pairs with the eucalyptus branch in the back

Textures pairing: See how the horn lamp in the back matches with the horn handsewn to this linen cushion

Tip nº4: Accounting

How many cushions is too many cushions?

Getting the “right amount” will ultimately depend on the size of your sofa or bed, but remember to be practical

Finally, you want your arrangement to feel effortless – even if you have, in fact, put a lot of effort into it.

Stick to odd numbers (groups of 3 or 5 cushions are more visually pleasing, and feel considerably more relaxed)