The Pampa symbols, explained

The choice of embroideries is a tribute to the Argentinean origin of our co-founders, Mercedes and Federica

Born in Buenos Aires to an Argentinean diplomat, Federico Erhart, they both share a passion for this country’s heritage and history

Federico Erhart, dressed with Gaucho pants, raising the Argentinean flag in one of his embassies

Mercedes & Federica, with mother Françoise,
ready to board to Buenos Aires


The Pampa dining set contains 4 pure linen napkins, each featuring a different Mapuche symbol, and 4 matching placemats.
The napkins are really huge (60x60cm!), like the ones our grandmothers used to have…

The symmetric cross

Universal among Andean communities, this cross represents the sky, the rain and life


Gentle and kind female spirits
When a Mapuche woman dies, she becomes a Wangülen, a star…


Traditional representation of the eyes that serve as a window to the soul
It symbolizes the connection of the physical body and the soul…


The chain design represents the union of Mapuche communities connection of the physical body and the soul…

Also available in sets of 8 pure linen cocktail napkins

A hosting must!