PAMPA Large Shoe Horn - Natural


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This is the perfect accessory to any well-appointed closet

The PAMPA Large Shoe Horn is handsomely crafted from sustainable cow horn, generous in dimensions, and perfect in balance

Each shoe comes with an equestrian-inspired long leather tassel entirely handmade in Spain

11 pieces in stock

Length: 32cm (approximately)

Our Pampa Large Shoe Horn is the perfect accessory to any well-appointed closet.

The large size of our Pampa Shoe Horn and the long leather tassel is comfortable to use and protects your shoes from damage.

Our Pampa Large Shoe Horn is hand-crafted by artisans using ethically-sourced cow horn.

The Pampa Large Shoe Horn has been carved by hand from a single water buffalo horn, which is extremely rare. As such, each shoe horn is uniquely made with beautiful variation of colours, ranging from light to dark, with exotic stripes of ivory, black, and brown.

The horn of shoe horn has been selected by our artisans, who polish each piece to bring the natural sheen to the surface, contributing to the unique and luxurious quality of this product.

Because each shoe horn is made by hand, each piece is unique and may vary slightly in shape and colour.

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